Master of Science in Advanced Dental Therapy Program

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All services are provided by ADT students under the supervision of a licensed dentist or advanced dental therapist. Appointments are three hours in length.

*Cleaning is for patients with healthy gum tissue or gingivitis. If a deep cleaning or scaling and root planning is required extra fees will apply.

About Advanced Dental Therapy

Due to a lack of accessible dental care, in 2008 the Minnesota Legislature authorized licensure of the Advanced Dental Therapist. To prepare individuals for this role, Metropolitan State University developed the Master of Science in Advanced Dental Therapy and opened the clinic in January 2012.Upon graduation, Advanced Dental Therapists agree to work for the following patient populations:

  • Underserved patients
  • Low income patients
  • Uninsured patients
  • Patients residing in dental health professional shortage areas

Goals of the ADT Program:

  1. Educate advanced dental therapy students to increase the dental team’s workforce in Minnesota.
  2. Provide underserved populations access to oral health services.
  3. Serve the oral health needs of underserved communities with scholarship, professionalism, ethics, and competence.
  4. Promote the well-being of underserved communities by collaborating with other health professionals.
  5. Provide students with educational experiences establishing a commitment to social responsibility, advancing the profession of dental hygiene, and continuous professional development.

Mission Statement

To educate advanced dental therapists to improve the oral health of underserved populations by providing high quality, patient-centered care. The educational program is built upon scholarly principles and practices as well as academic excellence and service. The Advanced Dental Therapy program is committed to improving the general well-being of underserved community members.